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Discover the Joy of Soaring!
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The sport is called "soaring" and to the pilot as well as spectator, it has universal appeal. The terms gliding and soaring are used interchangeably.
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Find A Flight
If you're looking to experience the thrill of flying in a glider we'll help find the glider club or soaring center nearest you.
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Become A Glider Pilot
With dedication, you can earn an FAA-certified glider pilot's license. Then you'll be able to explore the many challenges of soaring flight.
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Fly A Sailplane Today
FAST is a program that will connect you to an introductory flying lesson. It's a great way for you to take the first step towards earning your license.
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There is flying. And then there's gliding. If you've ever dreamed of enjoying the sensation of flying free, then make plans now to visit a glider club or commercial soaring center. There you will discover the fun, friends and adventure of motorless flight. Find out how you can soar by using the links to the upper right, and let's go gliding! Fun with Friends! Information at a Glance! Touch the Sky!

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